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I provide a miniature painting service for

  • Warhammer 40k,
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar,
  • Lord of the Rings,
  • Hobbit,
  • Warmachine,
  • Infinity,
  • Malifaux,
  • Bolt Action,
  • Flames of War

and any other miniatures there are on the market.

horus heresy

To start any project, request a quote by contacting me via contact form and providing as much details as you can about your requirements (number of each kind of unit, colour scheme, reference pictures and so on) taking into account the below guidelines for the overall service breakdown, keeping in mind that I am not limiting myself just to these options as I will work around your imagination, budget and need.

You choose whether you want to send the miniatures to the studio or have me buy them on your behalf.
You decide whether you wish me to assemble the miniatures, drill the barrel holes and clean all the mould lines or you send the miniatures already assembled to me. In that case I won’t remove any mould lines and start painting unless you wish differently.
Then you choose which of three painting levels I provide suits you best. You can choose different levels for different units.

Next step is to choose basing level for your miniatures. There are three to choose from. Again you can choose different basing levels for different units. If you want no basing then obviously, you won’t be charged for it!

Last step is to decide whether you want any decals on the miniatures.

When the quote is provided back to you and approved I will require a 25% deposit for the work which I have to undertake on your army to ensure that the project will without any doubt reach its final stage.
I will calculate how long approximately it will take to complete your commission during our initial emails.

Commission dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and other working delays. All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but any issues will be discussed with you and new arrangements made upon both party agreements if there is a possibility of a delay.
You will be able to follow progress of your project on Iron Keep Studio’s facebook page.

Once the project is finished I will provide you with a number of high quality pictures for your final approval. Then I will request the payment of remaining 75% from the total commission price. As soon as the payment reaches PayPal account I will pack and dispatch the miniatures to the address you provide.
And that’s it! You are a happy owner of a great looking army ready to be unleashed upon the battlefield!

warhammer 40k
warhammer 40k


The most affordable and basic painting level. The model is first sprayed with polyurethane primer and base coated. All colours are applied and most details picked out, that being followed by highlighting some of the edges. Finally a coat of varnish is given to protect the miniature for gaming and handling. These models look really good up close and on the table-top.


More advanced and very neat painting level featuring different techniques. Advanced weathering techniques, using oil and enamel paints as well as dry pigments, can be applied as appropriate to the model. I highly recommend this level for all kinds of vehicles and machines as well as characters to set them apart from the minor units. These models look awesome at any distance and are jewels of your army.

night lords


The highest, display quality that the studio provides for its customers.  The peak of our painting skills. Extreme neatness, wet blending, blacklining, zenithal higlights, preshading, it’s all here. Every model painted to this standard is priced individually.

horus heresy
dark angels
warhammer 40k
40k ork
warhammer 40k
warhammer 40k


Simple, single material basing. Typically this will be sand, grass, snow etc.


Basing consists of 2-3 types of basing material, and simple paint work to set it off.


Basing features a minimum of 3 types of basing material (may include custom bits), extensive paint work and detail work to set them apart from the norm.


I can assemble miniatures and/or models for you as well. Assembling cost depend on number of parts in the kit. This involves cleaning the mould lines, building the figures/models and any work deemed necessary such as filling gaps with putty or drilling gun barrels. This cost covers materials and time needed to build your models. I prefer to assemble models on my own because  I paint them partly assembled. I can reach much more details this way.

Magnetizing your models is a great way to get the most out of each kit. You can swap weapons to totally change the way a model plays. This helps to keep things fresh and to make adjustments after the army is painted without having to get an entirely new model painted.
I charge a flat rate of 1 GBP ($1,35) per magnet used, which covers material and labour (painting additional arm/weapon not included). Please remember that you will typically need to consider the mount magnet and the magnet on each optional piece. For example, to magnetize a dreadnought and two weapons would cost 3 GBP, 1 GBP for the mount and 1 GBP for each weapon.

warhammer 40 k tau

Simple conversions are covered in the Assembling quote as above, however if you’re looking for something more extravagant, simply contact me and I can give you an estimate.

I can purchase models on your behalf directly from the manufacturer or a trusted independent stockist with discount of 10-15%. The funds for purchasing models must be paid in full and before the project starts. The funds for purchasing of models is sent via a separate invoice via Pay Pal. Alternatively you can have models shipped directly to my studio.

Prices for services I provide are stated in three separate tables, each standing for different currency – GBP, Euro and USD.

Prices quoted in GBP

Prices quoted in Euros

Prices quoted in USD

  • these tables represent sample pricing, the final price will be based on complexity of painting scheme that you choose, using stencils makes the painting process more expensive
  • in case of finecast or resin miniatures/models additional costs might be added due to extra prepwork required
  • basing price depends on complexity and size of the base
  • for DISPLAY QUALITY painting, please, send a query as every model on that level is priced individually